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Last updated: Jun 3, 2023

Total work experience: 16 year(s)

Language skills: English,

Personal summary

Hi, my name is Sophia, I am excellent at collaboration, team building, and communication skills. Fast learner, problem solver, time manager, and product developer. Demonstrates performance and acceptance of responsibilities. Software: Microsoft word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, Spreadsheets, QuickBooks online. I have experience working in the data entry field as a data entry clerk. Duties included verifying data and preparing materials for printing. Verified information in the computer system is up to date and accurate. Managed documents by organizing forms, making photocopies, and filing records. Input the numerical data into databases with speed and accuracy using MS Excel and spreadsheets. Updated and corrected any data errors to prevent later issues such as duplicates or data degradation. I also worked as a Receptionist at a Physiotherapy clinic and have experience in handling the patients on phone and in person as well as emailing them. I enjoyed working with people and am a very fast learner. At the moment I am enrolled in QuickBooks online and can work with QuickBooks as well.

Language skills