Technical writer

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Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

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With over six years of experience as a Technical Writer, I have developed a strong understanding of technical documentation development and management. I possess a proven track record of translating complex engineering information into customer-facing documentation, including user guides, installation manuals, and release notes, while adhering to company standards and deadlines. My experience with structured authoring tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, Arbortext Editor, and MadCap Flare has enabled me to create professional and engaging documentation. I have worked collaboratively with subject matter experts, quality assurance testers, and development teams to create documentation that is accurate, clear, and concise. Additionally, I have experience with various Content Management Systems, including Windchill, to ensure proper management of source files and final deliverables. My Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and Post Graduate Certificate in Operations Management provide me with a solid technical foundation to understand complex engineering data. My Agile Business Analyst and Scrum Prodegree certifications demonstrate my commitment to working efficiently in an agile environment.

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