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Financial Advisor

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Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

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My name is Santiago Villa Escobar and I am pleased to present my resume. I am originally from Canada and currently reside in Colombia. I am a professional with extensive academic training. I have a Bachelor's degree in Finance at the University of Quebec à Trois-Rivieres (Canada) with a financial planning emphasis. My education also includes college studies in natural sciences at College Lafleche de Trois-Rivieres, as well as secondary studies at Institut Secondaire Keranna. Regarding my work experience, I have worked as a financial advisor at the National Bank of Canada, where I acquired skills in financial data analysis, portfolio management, financial planning, selling financial products, interpreting financial information, and financial market analysis. I have also worked as a sales advisor at Sports Experts and as a cashier and customer service advisor at Village des Valeurs. In addition to my skills in finance, I also have experience in customer service and advisory services, which has allowed me to develop effective communication and problem-solving skills.

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