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Last updated: Sep 7, 2023

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My name is Vladimir, since 2010 I have been developing websites for their technical and advertising support. I have development experience for the following industries: - Real estate - Hotel and restaurant business - Construction - Policy - Jurisprudence - Transport and logistic - Furniture manufacturing - Electronic commerce. In my work, I use Wordpress, Opencart, Joomla - as the main content management systems for the site, I know these systems thoroughly and can develop a site based on them from scratch without using ready-made templates. In the process of work, I actively use MaindMaping to work out the logical structure of the future site. I understand SEO, set up, maintain and analyze advertising campaigns in search and social networks. I am friends with panoramic photography and create 3D tours, I am a certified Google Street View photographer. Contact me, I will be happy to help, within my competence.

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