Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia Specialist

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Last updated: Apr 23, 2023

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Jaskaran Kaur is a skilled content creator, 3D artist, and digital media specialist with a strong educational background in broadcasting performance and digital media, virtual reality production, and animation, VFX, and gaming. She pursued a one-year graduate certificate program in Broadcasting Performance and Digital Media at Conestoga College, Kitchener, Canada, where she learned to shoot and edit high-quality video content, write engaging copy, perform on and off-camera, and leverage social media platforms to create engaging content and build a loyal following. Jaskaran also has a Bachelor of Science in Animation, VFX, and Gaming from Chandigarh University, India, where she learned technical skills such as 3D modeling, VFX paint, Spark AR, Unreal Engine Virtual Production, Unity game and AR/VR design, roto-scoping, environment design, video editing, photomanipulation/editing, graphic design, illustration, color grading, storyboard design, 3D scanning, and motion graphics. Her technical skills and educational background have provided her with the necessary expertise to excel in the media industry. She has worked on a variety of video projects and gained experience in creating an online presence that includes a website, video series, and engaging social media posts. She is currently working as a 3D artist in the Physics Department of the University of Toronto, where she creates 3D models and textures for game assets in the Snolab Unity game project. She also works as a video editor and VFX artist at Only One Production in Brampton, where she leads a team of five people to manage different video editing projects, including the work of promotional videos for various social media platforms. Jaskaran's educational background and professional experience demonstrate her expertise in digital media, 3D modeling, VFX, and gaming. She has worked on various projects and demonstrated her ability to lead a team, communicate effectively with team members, and deliver high-quality assets on schedule. She has a strong passion for video production, digital media, and social media marketing, and is continuously looking for new and exciting career opportunities in the media industry.

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