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Willingness to travel: Europe

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Last updated: Jun 5, 2023

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Language skills: English, French, Arabic,

Personal summary

As an experienced translator, beauty editor and Deputy Editor in Chief with over 8 years of work in the publishing industry, I have gained an extensive knowledge of the industry's workings and standards. During my time in the publishing house, I ensured that all translated documents were of high quality and met the company's standards. As a beauty editor, I brought my passion for beauty and aesthetics to the publishing house, making sure that all articles were informative and engaging. In my role as the Deputy Editor in Chief, I provided guidance and leadership to the team, ensuring that the company's goals were achieved. As my passion for translation grew, I opened my own translation office, where I provided translation services for all kinds of documents, with a specialty in legal documents that needed to be stamped and legalized. Through hard work and dedication, I have developed a reputation as a reliable, meticulous and efficient translator, and I have consistently provided my clients with high-quality translations that meet their needs.

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