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Last updated: Jun 9, 2023

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Greetings! As an Electronics Engineer, I specialize in Circuit Design, Control Engineering, Signal Processing, Robotics, and Motor Drivers. My experience and skillset span across designing performance-oriented, cost-effective, and durable PCBs. I'm proficient in MATLAB and various software, using them for diverse applications like data analysis and algorithm development for control systems. My expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of electrical and electronics engineering, combining theory and practicality for optimal results. In Robotics, I've programmed robots for several applications, working on both hardware and software components. My motor driver designs range across different capacities and complexities, with a focus on appropriate component selection and effective control strategies. Communication is key in my approach, and I strive to make complex information understandable for seamless collaboration. I maintain high-quality standards and seek excellence in every project I undertake. Whether you need a circuit design, a control system, a signal processing algorithm, a robotic system, a motor driver, or a meticulously designed PCB, I have the dedication and expertise to fulfill your needs. Let's collaborate to turn your ideas into well-engineered solutions!

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