Sobhan Esmaeili

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Last updated: Jul 4, 2023

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Over 12 years of experience as an Electrical Power Engineer, focused on the design of overhead transmission lines across different voltage ranges (up to 400kV) and configurations. Proficient in utilizing PLS-CADD software for tasks such as optimal spotting, stringing, and comprehensive mechanical analyses. Developed numerous kilometers of overhead transmission lines across diverse regions, successfully adapting to varying environmental conditions and adhering to specific electrical criteria - PLS-CADD Expert - Design criteria - Loading calculation - Sag and Tension calculation - Insulation Coordination - Structure layout - Design Route - Conductor Selection - Shield Wire Selection - Stringing Chart - Optimum Spotting - Earthing System - Tower and Pole Analysis - Instructing for transmission line design and PLS-CADD - Extensive knowledge of transmission line relative standards ( IEC , NESC , ...) - Experienced inspector at Type and Acceptances Tests of transmission line equipments

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