Backend Developer

Backend Developer

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Last updated: Jul 5, 2023

Total work experience: 9 year(s)

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Personal summary

Hello Everyone, Overall 8 years of experience in Backend Web Development and object-oriented programming (OOP) coding with PHP platform. Expertise in Drupal custom module development. Experience in Docker with Lando, Drush and other tools with Drupal. Experience with Drupal front and Backend development with components, theme development, using Acquia Cloud and AWS servers. 5+ years of experience of Drupal 8/9+, PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Twig framework and solid experience with Drupal custom module development. 5 years of experience and extensive knowledge with Drupal administration, and version upgrades using composer and drush commands. 8+ years of PHP programming experience and backend/frontend technologies and libraries including JQuery and JSON. 3+ years of experience in PHP Framework (Laravel) 3+ years in the digital marketing space/consumer facing and expertise in cloud storage solutions such as BigQuery.

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