E-learning Developer

E-learning Developer

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Last updated: Sep 6, 2023

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MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE! I have had a long journey with Training and Development since I was a sophomore. Joining AIESEC, the largest international organization for students, and becoming the Vice President of Talent Management got me exposed to public speaking and delivering training in front of hundreds of people. At that time, no one could imagine that a Finance student has become a real Human Resources person, but I DID MAKE IT HAPPEN. Then, getting married and becoming a mother haven't stopped me from pursuing my dream to study overseas. Leaving a well-paid job with high social status in my home country, I decided to study in Canada and started my life from scratch. Many naysayers said I was too risky and ambitious, but I KEEP BELIEVING IN MY VISION. With more than 7 years in Training and Development and designing hundreds of training contents for different target audiences, I can efficiently use different designing soft-wares ( Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), making videos ( Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effect), authoring tools (Storyline 360, Rise 360, Camtasia, Vyond), SaaS application (Webflow), HTLM5 & CSS, and a plethora of sources to make the most appropriate training content. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO what I can do. My key secret for all of these: pouring your heart into what you are doing with the highest sense of accountability. I do believe I can deliver my best values to any organizations I work for!

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