Steel Detailer

Steel Detailer

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Last updated: Jul 18, 2023

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Having worked in the steel industry more than 25 years, I have achieved significant skill and experience in many areas. With most of my career having been spent specializing in material processing and sales, I have gained a vast knowledge of all things steel. Owning and managing a steel supply and processing company for over 20 years has enabled me to attain valuable expertise that can add to any sized project. Working in steel sales and supply management for such a long time has given me a deep understanding of the steel industry, including the different types of steel, their properties, and their applications. This knowledge can be useful in interpreting engineering drawings and making decisions about the appropriate type of steel to use for a given project. The skills I have acquired in my career has also given me exposure to the fabrication and construction processes. This knowledge can be useful in anticipating potential fabrication and installation challenges and finding solutions to these issues during the steel detailing process. In addition, I have significant familiarity with customer needs, preferences, and expectations. This can be useful in creating detailed drawings that meet the customer's specific requirements and preferences.

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