Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer | Artificial Intelligence

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Last updated: Sep 8, 2023

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I am a passionate statistics and mathematics graduate, finding great joy in working with quantitative data and unravelling algebraic equations. My insatiable curiosity for solving equations and extracting meaningful insights naturally led me to embrace the captivating world of data science. My most significant learning breakthroughs came from engaging in hands-on projects, which I diligently showcase on GitHub, with more in progress. Through these projects, I have honed my abilities in data processing, adeptly building predictive models, and crafting innovative machine learning algorithms. Moreover, I have attained proficiency in data cleansing and transformation, harnessing its power to deliver data-driven recommendations that drive strategic decision-making. Now, fully equipped with the skills and knowledge of data science and analytics, I am ready and eager to embrace fresh challenges and assume new roles in this dynamic field. My passion for data and unwavering commitment to excellence set me on a trajectory of continuous growth and success in the data-driven landscape.

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