typer and copy writer

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Professional status: Student

Last updated: Sep 9, 2023

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Language skills: English,

Personal summary

I am an advanced beginner in Microsoft Excel and typing, with a growing proficiency in both skills. In Excel, I have developed a foundational understanding of spreadsheet functions, formulas, and data manipulation. I can create basic spreadsheets, input data, and perform tasks such as sorting, filtering, and simple calculations. My knowledge of Excel's formatting features allows me to present data in a clear and organized manner. Regarding typing, I have steadily improved my speed and accuracy. I am comfortable with touch typing and can maintain a consistent rhythm while minimizing errors. I continue to practice regularly to enhance my typing skills further. As an advanced beginner, I am eager to build upon these skills and tackle more complex tasks in Excel, such as pivot tables and advanced formulas. I am also committed to increasing my typing speed and accuracy to become more efficient in data entry and document creation. My goal is to reach an intermediate level in both Excel and typing, enabling me to handle more demanding tasks in these areas with confidence and proficiency.

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