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I have over 8 year's experience as an Application and Database Consultant. She has demonstrated support-related history of working with various global clients such as Mondelez, Syngenta, NestleIndia, Johnson & Johnson, British Petroleum etc., from December 2014 till now. I am skilled in SAP Netweaver, SQL, Oracle Database, Sybase DB, and SAP ERP,AWS Console. She also has experience of working in various ticketing tool such as : HP Service Manager Tool ,ServiceNow Tool (SNOWTool), IT ServiceDesk Tool etc .I have worked in Operating Systems such as : Unix/Linux,HP-UX etc . I have great knowledge in monitoring tools like Redwood (RunMyJob) Monitoring Tool, Xandria Monitoring tool, Charm Monitoring Tool and Lama Monitoring Tool , AppDynamics Tool . I am a proficient Team Builder having a Bachelor's degree focused in Information Technology from Silicon Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Liverpool John Moores University.She was excited to see your listing for the position of SAP BASIS/HANA Consultant.

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