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Je suis étudiant en génie logiciel, j'ai une bonne expérience dans le développement d'applications en C++ et Java. Je maîtrise le C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 et Bootstrap.

Québec, Canada

C++ 3 Java 1 JavaScript 1 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 1 Python 2 HTML5 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 3

Senior Back-End Developer

Coming from game and desktop development i have over 5 years of full-stack web development, optimized multiple apps to half the operation and costing costs (reducing the price by 5-10k a month) and...

Moncton, Canada

PHP 6 .Net Framework (Mircosoft) 6 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 5 Java 3 Cost optimization 4

Junior Frontend Developer

I am an experienced and passionate Front-End developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Node.js and React. Development,practice and work for the are important for me. I am skillful in...

Winnipeg, Canada

Java Script,HTML5,CSS,React,Node.js 1

Fullstack Developer

Long time Web developer mastering JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress and design tools. I recently gained Java, Mobile and Backend development skills at McGill school of continuous studies.

Calgary (Lynnwood Ridge / Ogden / Foothills Industrial / Great Plains), Canada
Verified experience: 2
Verified references: 1

JavaScript 10 Java 1 Node.js 1 Spring 1 HTML5 10 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 10 WordPress 10 PHP 10 Android development 1 TypeScript 1

Social Media Management, Website Designing, SEO

I have been making websites in WIX and Webflow for two years and have a certification as well. I have experience handling social media handles for a company, and I run ads for them. I have a...

Mississauga, Canada

SEO / SEM 1 website designing 1 Instagram Ads 1 Facebook Ads 1 Python 2 Java 1

IT Analyst Infrastructure & Security

Skilled and reliable IT prowessional xith eztensive ezperience in providing technical support and ensuring the security and integrity ow organi,ational systems. Ezpert in resolving complez issuesH...

Montreal, Canada

Java 4 Python 2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 2 Ethical hacking 2 Web security 3

App Developer

With seven years of comprehensive experience, I bring expertise in Kotlin, Java, data management, Flutter, Jetpack Compose, API integration, and PHP website development to the table. Alongside...

Belleville, Canada

Java 7 Kotlin 3 Dart 1 Flutter 1 PHP 4 HTML 4

Developer ENG

Hi, I'm Gil Fisher, an Android developer with 12+ years of experience. I specialize in high-quality app creation, ensuring design consistency across diverse Android screens.

Toronto, Canada

Java 12 Kotlin 5 Android development 12 Flutter 3 C# 10 SQL 12

IT Solution architect

* Dedicated Solution Architect with over 18 years of hands-on experience specializing in Java, Spring, and Spring Boot. Proven expertise in crafting and implementing robust solutions for cloud-native...

Halifax Lower Harbour, Canada

Java 18 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 8 Spring 10 mySQL 2 Oracle 4 Representational State Transfer (REST) 12

programmer-developer (Java OOP, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT)

Hello! I'm Wen, a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Montréal, ready to embark on a dynamic freelance journey in software development. With a fresh and up-to-date skill set in...

Montréal, Canada

Java (OOP), Python, C, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, REACT 3