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Web Developer

Dedicated and detail-oriented IT Support Assistant with a strong foundation in programming and a proven track record of providing exceptional technical support. Seeking a challenging position where...

Calgary, Canada

Javascript 4 jQuery 4 React (JavaScript library) 2 Node.js 2 PHP 4 ASP 4 SQL 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 Microsoft Azure 2 Django (Framework) 3

Full-Stack Developer

I am a full-stack developer with a strong foundation in software development from my college education. My expertise lies in using JavaScript, Node.js, and React.js to build dynamic and responsive...

Toronto, Canada

JavaScript 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 HTML5 2 MongoDB 2 Node.js 2 React (JavaScript library) 2 SQL 2 Git 2 Web development 2 Front-end development 2

Junior Frontend Developer

I am an experienced and passionate Front-End developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Node.js and React. Development,practice and work for the are important for me. I am skillful in...

Winnipeg, Canada

Java Script,HTML5,CSS,React,Node.js 1

Fullstack Developer

Long time Web developer mastering JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress and design tools. I recently gained Java, Mobile and Backend development skills at McGill school of continuous studies.

Calgary (Lynnwood Ridge / Ogden / Foothills Industrial / Great Plains), Canada
Verified experience: 2
Verified references: 1

JavaScript 10 Java 1 Node.js 1 Spring 1 HTML5 10 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 10 WordPress 10 PHP 10 Android development 1 TypeScript 1

Software developer

A dynamic and innovative Full Stack Developer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and over 4 years of professional experience. Expertise in designing and developing full-stack...

Calgary, Canada

JavaScript 4 React (JavaScript library) 4 Git 5 Node.js 2 Full-Stack 4 PostgreSQL 2 mySQL 1 HTML5 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 Angular 2

Sr Full Stack Developer

I am a passionate Full Stack Web Developer with 9 years of experience. I started my career by working with PHP frameworks, including Yii2, Laravel and Drupal, while utilizing Postgres, MySql...

Mississauga (Malton), Canada

React (JavaScript library) 6 JavaScript 8 Node.js 3 GraphQL 2 mySQL 4 TypeScript 3 Next.js 3 React3Fiber 1 Spring Boot 3

Senior Frontend Engineer

I have been developing frontend Web applications for more than 8 years now. I primarily focus on building user-friendly, responsive, scalable Web products. I am experienced in client communication...

Windsor, Canada

Redux 8 React (JavaScript library) 8 HTML5 8 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 8 Tailwind CSS 4 JavaScript 8 Java 2 Node.js 5 Web Sockets 4

Full Stack developer

As a dedicated Front-end Developer with a penchant for creating captivating user experiences, I specialize in leveraging the power of React to craft seamless and visually appealing web applications....

Toronto, Canada

JavaScript 4 Node.js 3 React (JavaScript library) 4 MongoDB 3 Python 1 C++ 2 SAAS 3 HTML 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4

Full-Stack Developer

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic .NET web developer with a strong desire to take on new challenges and continually expand my skill set. I have a proven track record of delivering high-quality web...

Vancouver, Canada
Verified experience: 3
Verified references: 2

.Net 4 ASP.NET 4 C# 6 JavaScript 4 SQL 4 PostgreSQL 3 PHP 7 Microsoft Azure 6 HTML 8 Node.js 3

Software Engineer

Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience in software development. Passionate about crafting elegant and efficient solutions. Highly motivated and self-driven, I seamlessly adapt to new...

Toronto, Canada

Node.js 8 Java 12 HTML 15 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 15 JavaScript 15 SEO / SEM 10 TypeScript 6 React (JavaScript library) 6 React Native 4 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 6