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Sound and Visual art designer / composer

I am working as an interdisciplinary artist with focus on sound and music design for different projects since 2009. sound and music design for contemporary dance performances, theatre, movies,...

Toronto, Canada

Music 20 Composition 15 Photography / Photo design 10 Video production 10 Audio production 15 Sound editing 15 Animation software 5 Media design 10 Art 20 Artistry 15


Hello, I am a certified smm specialist. I have been doing this for more than four years, although I was certified only a year ago. I focus my work mainly on managing Instagram profiles. Nevertheless,...

Edmonton, Canada

Social media marketing 1 Social management 1 Content management 1 PhotoFiltre 3 Photography / Photo design 3 Copywriter 3 Video production 2

Content producer

i have been designing photo , editing video , photographing , for 5 years . i really interested to make creative content for companies in fields ,advertisement, educational and etc...

kitchener, Canada

Video production 2 Photography / Photo design 4 Application administration 3


I have many years of experience in photography, graphic design, and print, and have worked in many big companies. You will see my creative design for billboards, logos, official papers, etc.

vancouver, Canada

Adobe Photoshop 8 Corel Designer 5 Photography / Photo design 6 Graphic design 7


I have recently graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design's Graphic Design Program. In this program, we learned all aspects of graphic design from concept to implementation. Computer...

Salmon Arm, Canada

Adobe Creative Suite (CS) 1 Graphic design 1 Adobe Illustrator 1 Adobe Photoshop 1 Adobe InDesign 1 Photography / Photo design 3 Adobe XD 1

Video director

10 years in video production, preproduction, production and post-production. I've experience in directing tv series, web magazine, narrative short film, branded content and documentary. I do...

Montréal, Canada

Cameraman, 12 Photography / Photo design 12 Video production 10 Image editing 12 Drawing 10 Design 12

Shima Ghasemi

I am Shima from Iran and Live in Ontario, Canada One of the most important part of my life is art Because my artworks are original If you want to see them contact me on my Instagram accounts...

Ottawa, Canada

Painting 20 Art 20 Photography / Photo design 15 Art direction 8

Wordpress, HTML, CSS, banière, logo, publicité, photo, Adobe

Infos Always with the best attitude and commitment to achieve each of my goals and learn every day. I’m a responsible person with a strong sense of analysis. In all my work experiences I have been...

Montreal, Canada

HTML 2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 Adobe Illustrator 3 Adobe Photoshop 3 Photography / Photo design 3 Web design 1


I'm a talented photographer with a strong grasp of illumination techniques. With 10 years of experience, I've worked with local brands, enhancing their online presence through captivating imagery for...

London, Canada

Photography / Photo design 10


I'm a great video and photo editor with effective skills in photography as well. Apart from my major, I passionately edit and design logos and cards for everyone who wishes at a very basic price. I...

Halifax South Central, Canada
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Adobe Photoshop 2 Icon design 1 JSP (Java Server Pages) 1 Music 10 Photography / Photo design 5 C 1 Python 2 mySQL 2 Sketch 3 Social Media Edition 1