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Data Sherpa

Passionate AI and Data Science professional with a Google Data Analytics Certificate, I honed expertise at Gartner, contributing to thought leadership. Holding a Bachelor's in Bioinformatics, I...

Kitchener, Canada

Python 2 R (programming language) 2 Research and development 2 Data analysis 4 Data science 3 Big data 2 Apache Hadoop 2 Oracle Database (RDBMS) 1 Microsoft Power BI 4

Data scientist

I'm a French data science engineer with over two years' post-graduate experience. I am a very autonomous person and I am continually self-training with the new technologies in data science but also...

Montréal, Canada

Python 5 R (programming language) 5 SQL 5 DataBricks 5 Machine learning 3 Google Cloud 1 Cloud 1 Apache Spark 3 Apache Hadoop 3 SAS (Software) 3

Data Scientist

I have been learning and applying data analysis and modeling skills for approximately 5 years in various business contexts. This experience has helped me understand the diverse needs of different...

North Vancouver Outer East, Canada

R (programming language) 4 Python 2 SQL 3 Microsoft Power BI 2 Machine learning 3 Data analysis 3 Microsoft Office 365 5

Data Analyst/Scientist

Experienced data analytics professional with strong skills in collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data to provide valuable solutions to business problems. Create valuable data insights for...

Toronto, Canada

Python 2 SQL 2 R (programming language) 4 Tableau 2 Microsoft Power BI 2 Communication 3 Translation 1

Data Scientist

Passionate about solving complex problems, I excel in rapidly addressing challenges with my deep expertise in cutting-edge technology. My approach combines innovation, efficiency, and strategic...

Quebec Provincial Government, Canada

R (programming language) 7 Python 4 SQL 8 Microsoft Power BI 8 Cognos (IBM) 8 DATAIKU 9

Aryan Rezanezhad

Concerning my working experience, owing to my strong passion for Statistics, I have enthusiastically worked as a teaching assistant, where I received a wealth of information and expanded my...

London, Canada

Python 5 R (programming language) 5 IBM SPSS Statistics 5 MATLAB / Simulink 5 Microsoft Power BI 1 C++ 1

Data Analyst

6 years experience in developing end-to-end automated solutions to meet business requirements using ETL and BI tools. Executed multiple descriptive and predictive analytics projects with various...


Tableau 6 Alteryx 6 SQL 6 R (programming language) 3 Microsoft Power BI 6 MS Office (user know-how) 6 mySQL 6 Microsoft SQL-Server (MS SQL) 6

Data Analyst

My programming abilities and IT knowledge were refined at Vidyalankar School of Information Technology (2019), where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. The "Online Shop...

Waterloo, Canada

Python 2 Tableau 2 R (programming language) 1 mySQL 3 Microsoft Power BI 1

Data scientist and Content specialist

I am a PhD candidate in Political Science focusing on social media, machine learning, quantitative analysis and political communication. I am also trained in R and Python. I have multiple published...

London, Canada

Python 3 R (programming language) 6 Data analysis 6 Applied research 6 Machine learning 4 Quantitative Analysis 6 SEO / SEM 10 Social media marketing 10

BI developper, Data scientist

Titulaire d'un Bac en statistique avec une concentration en science des données, Je suis dans le domaine de l'analyse et du traitement des données depuis 6 ans. J'ai travaillé sur divers projet de BI...

Montréal, Canada

SQL 6 Python 6 Microsoft Power BI 6 R (programming language) 6 Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 6 Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 6 C++ 1 Microsoft Azure 1