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Web Developer

With over 15 years' experience in web and mobile development, including two years as Lead Dev UI, I have a solid expertise in programming. I began my career as a programmer-analyst in the government...

Quebec, Canada

JavaScript 6 TypeScript 5 React (JavaScript library) 6 C# 8 Agile development 8 Design Thinking 6 Architectural informatics 4 Project- / team leading (IT) 3 UML 10 Web development 15

Logo Designs , Data entry , presentation maker, assignment making , templates , banners ,

Dear potential client, I am excited to offer my services as a freelancer specializing in data entry, logo design, and presentation creation. With a wealth of experience in these areas, I am...

89b avenue, Canada

Logo design, Data entry , 3 Presentation 3 TypeScript 1

Fullstack Developer

Long time Web developer mastering JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress and design tools. I recently gained Java, Mobile and Backend development skills at McGill school of continuous studies.

Calgary (Lynnwood Ridge / Ogden / Foothills Industrial / Great Plains), Canada
Verified experience: 2
Verified references: 1

JavaScript 10 Java 1 Node.js 1 Spring 1 HTML5 10 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 10 WordPress 10 PHP 10 Android development 1 TypeScript 1

A Tech geek with 5 years of experience in Software Development.

Over 5 years in software engineering, I have attained significant experience coding with various programming languages, working directly with corporate leadership and clients, and steering projects...

Burlington, Canada

Angular 4 PHP 5 JavaScript 3 TypeScript 4 Software development 5 Python 1

Sr Full Stack Developer

I am a passionate Full Stack Web Developer with 9 years of experience. I started my career by working with PHP frameworks, including Yii2, Laravel and Drupal, while utilizing Postgres, MySql...

Mississauga (Malton), Canada

React (JavaScript library) 6 JavaScript 8 Node.js 3 GraphQL 2 mySQL 4 TypeScript 3 Next.js 3 React3Fiber 1 Spring Boot 3

Fullstack Engineer(C# and Typescript)

A seasoned .NET developer with four years of experience. Proficient in designing and implementing web applications using the Microsoft technology stack. Skilled in creating responsive and...

Toronto, Canada

C# 4 .Net 4 JavaScript 3 TypeScript 3 SQL 4 PostgreSQL 3 Microsoft SQL-Server (MS SQL) 4 Microsoft Azure 4 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2 Docker 2

Fullstack Web Developer

I specialize in building web applications with React, Vue, Laravel, Django, Typescript, Node.js, Python, Next.js, Nest.js, GraphQL, HTML/CSS, and so on. I'm a highly skilled and experienced developer...

West Toronto (Bloor West Village / Swansea), Canada

JavaScript 6 React (JavaScript library) 5 Vue.js 3 Django (Framework) 1 Laravel 2 TypeScript 4 HTML5 6 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 6

Software Engineer

Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience in software development. Passionate about crafting elegant and efficient solutions. Highly motivated and self-driven, I seamlessly adapt to new...

Toronto, Canada

Node.js 8 Java 12 HTML 15 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 15 JavaScript 15 SEO / SEM 10 TypeScript 6 React (JavaScript library) 6 React Native 4 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 6

Full-stack Software Engineer & DevOps Engineer

A generalist problem-solver with more than 25 years of progressive experience in both coding, testing, integration, troubleshooting of software systems and hosting-related services also, leading...

Surrey, Canada

Python 15 JavaScript 20 TypeScript 3 FreeBSD 25 Linux implementation 25 Delphi 25 PHP 20 C 10 Objective-C 7 Django (Framework) 12

Senior Web Developer | React | Vue | Angular | Laravel PHP | | Node | Symfony |

Hello. my name is Dmytro. I am a personable Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer with 9 years of experience who enjoys a small-agency environment with a wide range of projects and challenges, to bring...

Calgary, Canada

React (JavaScript library) 5 Vue.js 6 Angular 6 TypeScript 7 HTML 9 JavaScript 9 PHP 9 laravel 8 Symfony (Framework) 3 bootstrap 8