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Data Entry & Presentation , Microsoft Exel, Microsoft Word, Social media page manager, Video Editing

My passion is making sure that my clients' products are designed to be as functional as possible, so that they can provide an amazing user experience for their customers. I believe in combining...

Brantford Southeast, Canada

C++ 1

Full-Stack Developer

I am a full-stack developer with a strong foundation in software development from my college education. My expertise lies in using JavaScript, Node.js, and React.js to build dynamic and responsive...

Toronto, Canada

JavaScript 3 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 2 HTML5 2 MongoDB 2 Node.js 2 React (JavaScript library) 2 SQL 2 Git 2 Web development 2 Front-end development 2

Material science & engineering

I have education in material science and engineering and do lots of projects in variety of aspects of materials science for about 10 years. Beside that I am so interested in learning new things...

Victoria, Canada

Material engineering / material science 10 Material testing 5 Changing material property 5 Strength of materials 5 Engineering science 10 Metallography 8 Metallurgy 10 Powder metallurgy 6 MS Office (user know-how) 10 Molecular Dynamics Simulation 3

Product Design Lead

As a Product Design Lead, I leverage my 10 years of experience and my Post-graduate Certificate in Web Design to design and deliver digital products that enhance the learning experience of millions...

Markham, Canada

Web design 10 Graphic design 12 Prototype 10 App design 10 user experience design 10 UI Designer 10

QA Testing

I have been working as a Manual Tester for the past 5 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work on a range of different software projects, from small internal applications to...

Mississauga (Mississauga Valleys / East Cooksville), Canada

Testing (IT) 5 Test engineer 5

Développeur .net

Application Development Senior Analyst, bénéficiant d'une très bonne connaissance des nouvelles technologies. Je suis notamment spécialisé en tant que Développeur Web Full Stack, utilisation des...

Québec, Canada

ASP.NET 8 SQL 8 C# 8 HTML 8 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 8

Brand identity designer

Product designer with broad experience providing advisory to SME (small/medium-sized enterprise) on how to define, refine and showcase their purpose through brand identity and brand DNA design

Calgary (Tuscany / Scenic Acres), Canada

Brand design 8 Graphic design 8 Design Thinking 4 User Experience (UX) 3 User Interface (UI) 3

Geographic information system, remote sensing, python programming, spatial data specialist

I possess a comprehensive skill set in Python programming, GIS (Geographic Information System), map creation, remote sensing, image processing, and data analysis. With a strong background in Python,...

Edmonton, Canada

Python 10 remote sensing 15 geographic information system 20 Data analysis 10 spatial data analysis 15

Data analyst and digital marketer

As a freelancer for two years, my name is Sephora Shamwol, and my passion for business fuels my journey. Proficient in data analysis and digital marketing, I merge analytical insights with creative...

Toronto, Canada

SEO / SEM 1 Account management 2 Administration training 3 APPC 1 Project assistant 2 Scheduling 3

App Developer

With seven years of comprehensive experience, I bring expertise in Kotlin, Java, data management, Flutter, Jetpack Compose, API integration, and PHP website development to the table. Alongside...

Belleville, Canada

Java 7 Kotlin 3 Dart 1 Flutter 1 PHP 4 HTML 4